You Thought He Was A Goner But Your Ex Came Back

He Just Couldn’t Stay Away

Is there anyone who doesn’t relate to the dreaded (or perhaps not-so-dreaded) “return of the ex”? If you’ve dated, 99% sure you’ve experienced the ex who eventually comes sniffing back for more in some capacity. Or maybe you’re the ex who just can’t stay away.

At any rate, it’s an interesting phenomenon. Or is it.

Isn’t it simply human nature to be curious about the person you once shared a portion of your life with?

If people aren’t returning to their ex in some tangible way you can bet they are creeping under the shroud of anonymity provided by the glorious Internet. Helloooo Facebook/Instagram/name your flavour.

And don’t deny it. It’s like picking your nose: Everyone has done it at some point in their life. If you say you haven’t you’re a liar. Or a luddite, in which case “you” wouldn’t be reading this anyway. (And probably pick your nose a lot for that matter.)

So now that we’ve established a few human truths, what does it mean?

As I’ve referenced earlier, it likely has a lot to do with our eagerly inquisitive minds. We crave to know what is going on in our ex’s lives now that we’re no longer a part of them:

Are they seeing someone new?

(And, Oh my god, is my hairline receding more than his? Is she hotter than me???)

Where are they working now?

Are they happy? Are they miserable? (Hopefully they are miserable, right?)

We just have to know these things, and more. But in revealing these subtle supplications, like that annoying exposed velcro strap snagging everything it’s not supposed to, you find attached to our innocent-enough curiosity our brooding egos—often tortured with insecurity.

Do we really care? Or do we just need to satisfy our overbearing egos? Methinks it’s a bit of both. Whatever the driving force, I think it wise to ensure you can discriminate between innocent and “morbid” curiosity.

It doesn’t change the action or outcome, but recognition will help determine whether or not you should maybe take a stalking break for your own peace of mind. (Not to mention, your phone would likely appreciate some variety.)

And hell, if you really do care, maybe you should step out of the shadows and just pick up the damn phone.

Because there are times when we all come back. We just can’t seem to stay away.

And in the spirit of things coming back, here is the famous video, “The Cat Came Back” by Cordell Barker.


Photo Credit: Black Thing by Justin S. Campbell via Flickr







2 thoughts on “You Thought He Was A Goner But Your Ex Came Back

  1. I pray to GOD he doesn’t come back because I am not 100% positive I wouldn’t take him back at this point and THAT is definitely something that needs to not happen!


    1. Well, you know what will likely happen, is once you don’t care anymore and know for certain that you wouldn’t take him back, he’ll pop up out of nowhere. 😉


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