Nuts, No Nuts

I don’t identify with being a Feminist. But if you say that women are somehow lacking as humans compared to men I will want to punch your lights out. That being said, I feel it’s difficult to care about women’s issues in any passionate way without being seen as the dirty “F” word.

And why do I care about women’s issues at all? It’s not just because I’m a woman. It’s because I’ve read, I’ve studied, I’ve researched, I’ve listened, I’ve learned. I became aware. But awareness comes with a burden–the burden of seeing with eyes that are more open and the responsibility of action that comes with it.

So it makes me wonder, is there such a thing as too much awareness?

It would seem unlikely, almost preposterous to even suggest, but there comes a point when I believe there is too much of a good thing. And when it involves awareness, specifically, awareness that surrounds the issues between women and men, I think the same problem of “too much” can potentially exist.

I was at a local pub one night and, like any normal person, used the washroom. What wasn’t so normal, however, was the way the gendered bathroom signs seemed to go out of their way just to offend me.

One door said “Nuts” with the other clearly labeled “No Nuts.” It appears establishments are always trying to find cutesy ways to designate which bathroom belongs to which sex. Except I didn’t find it cutesy or funny. And that annoyed me even more because it was actually kind of clever. Plus, there wasn’t anything outwardly offensive about it.

But there I was, offended by having to go into the bathroom that was meant for people without a pair.

I was offended because my brain automatically felt that the standard of sexual identity was having versus not having. That compared to men, women must be therefore lacking something. In fact, I’m almost certain the very concept of presumptuous lack is an issue presented by some Feminists.

I couldn’t help but think how unfair the silent sentiment is that men, fully complete, are not lacking anything. Women, by contrast, are. And that this deduction is so casually accepted by people everywhere. Then my thoughts flipped: How would men like if they had to use a bathroom that was based on the premise of not having breasts? “Tits, No Tits”.

But the argument fell flat. As if my thought tripped over its own clumsy feet and landed on its face. Why? Partially because I was certain any man would happily accept that they didn’t have breasts, and partially because if I saw those signs instead, I would still be offended. Why are women’s bodies always objectified?

Oh god.

It appears there is no winning here. As though I’m being offended almost for offence’s sake–if that even makes sense.

So, is my sensitivity to women’s issues the fault of Feminists and their criticisms? Have I been primed to see fault in everything by adopting the mindset of a hypersensitive world resulting in too much awareness? Am I justified in my taking offence?

Maybe I just need to get laid and move on with my day.


Photo Credit: Walnuts, Shell, Dried Fruit by Carlotta Silvestrini via pixabay




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