You Thought He Was A Goner But Your Ex Came Back

He Just Couldn’t Stay Away Is there anyone who doesn’t relate to the dreaded (or perhaps not-so-dreaded) “return of the ex”? If you’ve dated, 99% sure you’ve experienced the ex who eventually comes sniffing back for more in some capacity. Or maybe you’re the ex who just can’t stay away. At any rate, it’s an interesting phenomenon. Or is it. Isn’t it simply human nature to be … Continue reading You Thought He Was A Goner But Your Ex Came Back

Colour Me Happy(er)

I have been told natural is pretty; I have masked my face to become beautiful. I’ve often mused to myself about some of nature’s ironies. For instance, there are species of male animals that are brightly colored compared to their dullish female counterparts. With humans, on the contrary, females tend to be the “brightly coloured” specie—particularly in their use of makeup. The tint of their lips are enhanced, their … Continue reading Colour Me Happy(er)

What Engery Can Teach You About Dating

Have you ever wondered if the person you are dating is really worth your time and effort? If so, you are not alone. It just isn’t the “time” issue people stress about either (“I’ve been with him for x-number of years. That’s gotta count for something!”), many also fear investing too much of themselves in a relationship only to have it fall apart—and by extension their hearts. But, I’m going … Continue reading What Engery Can Teach You About Dating

The Commitment Trap

I once proposed an intriguing offer to a guy I was dating exclusively for several years. He was also, at the time, my first long-term relationship: “What would you say if I suggested one or two times a year we go out separately for a weekend and ‘cheat without cheating?’ We could do whatever we wanted with other people, and there would be only one rule: if we had sex, we … Continue reading The Commitment Trap

Double standards: Women, I’m looking at you.

Double standards are rife within our culture and everybody has some idea of how they affect us. When people hear those words, one of the first things that come to mind are the inequalities that face women. That’s not what is inspiring me to write this post though, at least not today. Right now I want to discuss an experience one of my male friends had … Continue reading Double standards: Women, I’m looking at you.

C’mon, Don’t Objectify Me

If you have breasts and a vagina, you’ve conceivably experienced sexual objectification by someone with testicles and a penis. Whether in the form of cat-calls, whistles, or boozy-bar come-ons, women have long been recipients of this form of communication. It appears some men like to do it or I suspect they wouldn’t, unless they somehow feel compelled to fulfill a stereotypical male role of those … Continue reading C’mon, Don’t Objectify Me