Double standards: Women, I’m looking at you.

Double standards are rife within our culture and everybody has some idea of how they affect us. When people hear those words, one of the first things that come to mind are the inequalities that face women. That’s not what is inspiring me to write this post though, at least not today. Right now I want to discuss an experience one of my male friends had … Continue reading Double standards: Women, I’m looking at you.

C’mon, Don’t Objectify Me

If you have breasts and a vagina, you’ve conceivably experienced sexual objectification by someone with testicles and a penis. Whether in the form of cat-calls, whistles, or boozy-bar come-ons, women have long been recipients of this form of communication. It appears some men like to do it or I suspect they wouldn’t, unless they somehow feel compelled to fulfill a stereotypical male role of those … Continue reading C’mon, Don’t Objectify Me